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Chapel of Sant Antoni to the Ermita de Sant Bartomeu

The Hermitage of Saint Bartomeu is a small Romanesque Chapel hidden away on the Monsant Mountain. It is so isolated that no vehicles can reach it and access is on foot only. Here you have the chance to enjoy complete peace and tranquility from the hectic pace of modern day life.

Our journey starts at the small Chapel of Sant Antoni and continues along the ancient forest track that takes us to Font (spring) de La Gleva. From here we take the old horse track that follows the course of the River Monsant.

Here the valley scenery becomes quite fantastic with the colours and the whimsical shapes taken on by the huge blocks of conglomerate rock that line the river and have been given names like - The Three Jurors - Dancing Rock - The Kneading Trough - The Saddle and The Chair.

At the height of the Barranc (gully) of Sant Bartomeu we take the wooden footbridge, suspended above the River Monsant, as we continue on our journey to Ermita de Sant Bartomeu, the oldest Ermita on the Monsant.

In 1160 Brother Guerau Miquel came to this spot and lived in a nearby cave close to where the chapel would be built some years later. Inside the cave there is a pool of cool water that is slowly collected drop by drop from the rocks. The last hermit lived in the Chapel until the middle of the 19th century and, after being abandoned, the Chapel fell into a state of disrepair. In the 1970s local villagers restored the Chapel and in the small belfry hung a bell made from the remains of a Spanish Civil War bomb - an evocative symbol in a place that for more than 800 years has offered peace and reflection.

On our return journey we will have the opportunity to swim in the gorge known locally as Les Cadolles Fondes. It's a lovely spot and a fantastic place to relax, swim and cool off during the summer months.

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