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La Ermita del Remei & River Ebro

Our journey today takes us to La Ermita del Remei and onto the River Ebro as it meanders round the town of Flix. The Ermita is located in Olive groves to the north of the town and above the Riu del Ebro. This picturesque Chapel is used throughout the year by the locals as a place to come and celebrate Festivals. The Easter Fiesta is particularly popular, especially Easter Monday, when Paellas are cooked on open fires, and generations of families gather and sit together to enjoy this traditional seafood dish.

From our position above the Ermita we get a panoramic view of the valley below and the River Ebro in the distance. After our descent we join the track that follows the river as it meanders slowly round the town. Taking the wooden footbridge we cross a river that flows into the Ebro. From this track we can see Castile Nou, perched precariously on the hilltop.

This stretch of the river is shallow in places and we should see carp feeding on the riverbed. The river is famous throughout the world for the giant Wel's Catfish that were introduced into the river in the 70s. The record for the largest catfish caught now stands at over 230lbs.

As we emerge from the track we come upon the Town's old Ferry. A ferry service has been in operation here since Medieval times and the current one since 1951. It provides a vital link to the agricultural land surrounding the town. This is a good spot to sit and relax on the picnic benches under the shade of the trees and enjoy our lunch.

After lunch we take the ferry across the river and explore the town. 

Expect to see a variety of bird species including King Fisher, Sand Martins, Swallows, Kites, Egrets and the White Stork. These giant birds are being actively encouraged to breed in the area and there is a breeding pair nesting at the back of the Guest House.


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Ermita del Remei
Picturesque Chapel

Flix Castle
Built in the early 1800s in a strategic location overlooking the river Ebro

Canadian 'Open Canoes' Great for exploring the River Ebro

Flix Town Centre     Typical Spanish Architecture