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Spanish Civil War


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Journey of Remembrance

Spanish Civil War


The Spanish Civil War began on 17 July 1936 and the conflict continued until 1 April 1939. It is estimated that 200,000 died in combat (110,000 Republican 90,000 Nationalist) An estimated 4,000 Brave Volunteers from the UK made their way secretly to enlist in the XV International Brigade.

Many of these Brave Volunteers fought in "The Battle of the Ebro" which began on 25th July 1938 and lasted for 115 days. It was the scene of some of the fiercest and bloodiest fighting during the Spanish Civil War and nearly 40,000 lives were lost 30,000 on the Republican side.

During the Spanish Civil War approximately 4,900 soldiers of the XV International Brigade were killed, approximately 500 were from the UK.

Our tour will take us to the scenes of these battles and the many memorials erected in their Honour. Mountainside Observation Posts, Command Centres and Preserved Trenches. Bombed Villages left as Memorials to those killed. Monuments, Air-raid Shelters tunneled in the rock face by the civilian population. Field Hospital set up in a cave for the wounded men of the Republican Forces and XV International Brigade. It was staffed by Medical Staff from UK and equipped with 3 basic operating theatres and 80 beds.

The tour will also visit sections of railway built by Republican POW's, Museums and Information Centres.

The tour will give you an insight into what life would have been like on the Front Line. Life in the Trenches would have been extremely harsh, enduring extreme weather conditions, a lack of food, water and sanitation facilities. Under constant bombardment from the air and artillery, with little or no shelter, except for holes dug in the ground. I'll equipped and poorly trained these Brave Volunteers gallantly fought for their beliefs.

Join us on a Journey of Remembrance

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Flix Air-Raid Shelter

Corbera-Bombed Village

Fortified Machine Gun Post


Shelter in the Trenches